Homemade Cakes, Brownies and Quiches
A passionate young baker trading at Farmers Markets across Cambridgeshire, as well as baking to order.
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Bakes made to Order
Whether it's for a birthday party or an anniversary, a dinner party or a gift, George's Bakery has something for every occasion! 
All of our bakes start at £16 and prices range from £26 for our three-layer chocolate cakes, to £32 for five-layer giant party cakes! Quiches cost betwen £16-£18.
George's currently has a selection of vegetarian quiches and is expanding this range in 2017, as well as focusing on making half of our cakes gluten free! 
We have new bakes coming out every few weeks, so there are too many to display on our website, but our Instagram, Twitter and Facebook show regular updates of what we're baking! 
To order, or request a price list, e-mail at [email protected] or call Georges Bakery on 01480 466593 
Please note that all orders need a minimum of one weeks notice